What is Stone Table? , And how it works?

Version in English with Google Translate (excuse the errors ‘automatic’)

Today again, I have asked the same question about the reason for the creation of Mesa de Pedra and my presence there in it

I’ll try to explain it in detail for future cases, since this morning, trying to do so in English I have been quite difficult

The reason for ‘Mesa de Pedra’ begins as a very long time ago.

First in my memory. When I was a child, I saw my grandmother Elena, served some ‘bearded‘, that came along the way. It gave them a cup of soup and bread and bacon (what was in those days!)

With these bearded, us kids were talking at the source, who had next to the road of A Estrada, (now disappeared), and also found that they were walkers they were going to Santiago (about pilgrims then even ‘not wearing’). These cases were no more than a couple a year

I lived nearly 30 years out. I returned to my house to care for my father seriously ill (anorexia of old man) and then came letters like this photo. But heart failure in his sleep, take him to a better life

One German pilgrim, thanks him a year and a half later, because the memory that had to have been received in their home, and eat with them, was the best memory of his Camino Portugues.
I found out then that my parents were doing hospitaleros ‘freelance’!
I discovered a debt they had with my father (a bad check charge) for the sale of a property.
I obtained that my father to come out of her anorexia, and I was recovering well. But heart failure in her sleep, take him to a better life
I had asked my father, since the money of that debt (legally) and could not count if charged miraculously, I had to do with … my father replied that he dedicated to the pilgrims. Two days later, he died sleeping.
Well, that’s the start of Mesa de Pedra
With that money collected eventually debt, was embellishing something the ‘obradoiro’ of my father (obradoiro = stonemason workshop) and trying to monetize at a time (‘Mesa de Pedra’ was in deficit last year and this we will also ) for the duration of the economic background to lengthen everything either charging for services or based on donations.
So simple is the operating mechanism of Mesa de Pedra.
You come here and eat, which has left another previous Pilgrim. With the money you leave, eat the next to come.
If you have not left anything, we’ll fund to assist you … just as there is money in the ‘background’
There are people of all kinds and also Bandit II (domestic and foreign) even stupidly abusers and leave misery, they leave without saying goodbye, and leave the food they ordered, even half without taking advantage of!



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